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Drafting And Enforcing Child Support And Alimony Agreements

Child support and spousal support can have a tremendous impact on your future. At Engel, Wiener, Bergstein & Fleischaker, we have extensive experience with support orders, child support modification and enforcement. Call our Allentown offices at 610-295-5748 or email us to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Doing What Is Best For Your Child

In Pennsylvania, child support is determined by statute. When the statute is applied using your income and other factors, a baseline of what to expect is generated. There are exceptions to the guidelines, including a mortgage deviation, shared custody deviation, proration of medical expenses, expenses for special-needs children and adults, education expenses, health insurance premiums and more. We can help you gather the information you need to ensure that any child support ordered is appropriate for your situation.

In addition to establishing child support orders, we represent clients in child support enforcement cases, including contempt proceedings for nonpayment of child or spousal support. We can also assist you with issues of termination of support. Support can be terminated for several reasons. When a child graduates or turns 18 (whichever comes later), child support is terminated. If one party remarries or gains support through cohabitation, support may no longer be appropriate. It may be modified or terminated, depending on the circumstances.

Determining Spousal Support In Pennsylvania

Depending on the length of the marriage, the income of the parties and several other factors, one party might be entitled to alimony. We can answer your questions concerning spousal support and provide you with the vigorous representation and guidance you need to resolve the situation successfully.

Get Help From Experienced Family Law Attorneys

To discuss your child support or alimony matter, contact us online or call 610-295-5748.