Our client sued another company for making false claims about its competing product in violation of federal law.  The case involved world-wide markets so the scope was quite broad.  The Defendant counter-claimed, stating that our client was making false claims also which was totally bogus.

We had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal time and fees defending against these bogus counter-claims.   Then, as trial approached, the Defendant suddenly dropped the counter-claims as the claims had served the purpose intended, harassment of our client.  We asked the federal judge to dismiss the counter-claims which he did.  We then instituted suit in state court under the PA law known as Dragonnetti which allows recovery for frivolous suits filed for wrongful motives.  We filed against the Defendant and also his attorneys who we believed masterminded the whole thing.

Not only did we prevail in the claim we had made against the Defendant, but ultimately were able to recover all of the expenses incurred in defending the bogus counter-claims, an amount well into 6 figures.