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Insurance Claims

Insurance companies impact virtually everything we do in our daily lives. Health, auto, life and casualty insurance all affect us every day. It is important that you know your rights and have someone capable of negotiating and battling with your insurance company when necessary. The attorneys at Engel, Wiener and Bergstein have been doing this for years and can help you deal with such problems.

We have helped and continue to help many people resolve such problems. In one case, an individual business owner had purchased insurance but his agent had not raised the limits as requested. In another case, the insurance agent had failed to advise the insurance company of the lack of a sprinkler system, resulting in a denial of insurance. In still a third case, a client was denied life insurance benefits from her husband's death. In all of these situations, the attorneys at Engel, Wiener and Bergstein stepped in to fight for our clients to obtain the justice they deserve.

We stand ready to do the same for you. Call for a consultation on any insurance issue.

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